Trolley Jack 3.2tonne Super Rocket Lift PU Wheels

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Trolley Jack 3.2tonne Super Rocket Lift PU Wheels

  • Min./Max. Saddle Height: 145/504mm.
  • Chassis Length: 690mm.
  • Polyurethane wheels for smoother manoeuvrability and prevents damage to workshop floor.
  • Single piece hydraulic unit with heavy base design.
  • Integral American cog-type release mechanism and two-piece handle, which is fitted with protective sleeve to help prevent damage to vehicle bodywork during use.
  • Super Rocket Lift feature brings lifting arm straight into contact with jacking point with a single pump of the handle.
  • Integral saddle pad provides protection for the jacking point.
  • Heavy-duty castor wheels and 55mm wide front wheels for even load distribution.
  • Supplied with foam jacking sleeve to prevent damage to the vehicle’s bodywork.