Trolley Jack 3tonne Super Rocket Lift Professional

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Trolley Jack 3tonne Super Rocket Lift Professional

Min./Max. Saddle Height: 145/520mm.
Chassis Length: 670mm.
Single-piece hydraulic unit with heavy base design and large jacking saddle.
Twin piston Super Rocket Lift feature brings lifting arm straight into contact with the jacking point in 1-2 strokes.
Universal joint release mechanism allows safer, more controlled lowering of the jack.
Fitted with safety overload valve and pump-through valve to prevent handle locking at maximum ram extension.
Suitable for loaded vans up to 3.5tonne GVW.

Model No:3012CXD
Minimum Saddle Height:145mm
Maximum Saddle Height:520mm
Maximum Chassis Height:160mm
Consumable Parts:3000CXD/JP – Rubber Jack Pad