Factory Refurbished

Several years ago, in an effort to bring our customers a bargain, we began sourcing Factory Refurbished items from Sealey.

We are now in a position to supply over 1,000 different items from stock. We regularly take delivery of these types of goods by the truck load, and they are sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis – they don’t stay in stock for long!

You can view the current item list below, and also enter your email address in order to be notified when the list is updated.

All Factory Refurbished items are graded in line with the below and are provided with a 6 months parts and labour warranty.

A – New item with damaged or no packaging. May be assembled.

B – Light cosmetic damage.

C – Item has had light use or medium damage.

D – Item has had medium use, worn parts or heavy damage.

E – Item is well used or heavy damage.

Our latest Factory Refurbished list - updated 21st February